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February 27, 2017
Filomena's - West Berlin
Speakers: Sam Weinstein of PPAG and Ron Musser of Comfort Media
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Sam Weinstein of PPAG will be speaking to us about the following legislation and regulations that are pertinent to the Association

1. S15/A15 (Sweeney D-3/Coughlin D-19) – Raises, over time, hourly minimum wage to $15.00.
a. Status: Signed into law on January 31, 2019 by Governor Phil Murphy (D).

2. S2091/A3772 (Beach D-6/DeAngelo D-14) – Provides for licensing of pool and spa service contractors, and pool and spa builders and installers. 
a. Status: Signed into law on January 31, 2019, with the Association’s amendments, by Governor Murphy.

3. S3071/A3666 (Madden D-4/DeAngelo D-14) – Requires public works contractors to have certain certifications; requires certain contractors to participate in apprenticeship programs. 
a. Status: Signed into law on January 31, 2019 by Governor Murphy. 

4. S1303/A3118 (Bucco R-25/Burzichelli D-3) - Establishes licensure for master heart professionals.
a. Status: In Committee in both Houses of the Legislature. 

5. Engaged the Division of Consumer Affairs on full license implementation. PPAG is working with the Governor’s Front Office to understand where license implementation stands, and what can be done to ensure that permits aren’t pulled with licenses.

Ron Musser of Comfort Media will be talking about the following:

Technology has forever changed the marketing and sales game, and whether you realize it or not, it has already dramatically changed the way people buy.

By “Setting the Table” with tested, proven tools, you can now have a customized, automated system that will educate, influence and pre-suade buyers in advance of a salesman or technician's arrival to the home.

Your systematized selling process will: Set your company apart from the competition while elevating the homeowner's trust and mindset and set the stage for the highest probability of a favorable outcome.

By the time your salesman or service tech arrives, the homeowner knows exactly what to expect, so by the time they ask the homeowner for their business, they will be ready to give you the deposit.

Automated systems like this need to become standard practice in all high performance contracting companies. The affordability and user-friendly technology advances have reached a point that there is no excuse for not adopting even the simplest of strategies.

This session will introduce you to the concepts and techniques used to align your sales process with the buyer's journey to increase sales.

Note: This session will be delivered based on the TED Talk methodology.

Presenter Info:
For more than twenty-five years, Ron Musser has won the battle of local marketing in the home heating oil and HVAC installation and service markets, founding ECI Comfort, an HVAC installation and service company focused on the historic homes of the Philadelphia area, and MyExpress Oil, one of the first online discount home heating oil delivery companies in the country.

Ron’s early adoption of digital marketing and inbound marketing automation led to his founding partnership in 2012 of the first inbound digital marketing agency dedicated to the growth needs of HVAC contractors and Home Heating Fuel delivery companies, Comfort Media Group, a HubSpot Gold partner and Google Partner agency.

Ron continues to innovate, defining leading-edge sales and digital marketing techniques for the home liquid fuels and HVAC sales and service markets. By combining his unique skill set and industry roles, his techniques are propelling HVAC contractors nationwide to double-digit growth year-over-year.

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