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Key Considerations and Employee Rights When Returning to the Workplace 
August 18, 4 pm
presented by Vanessa Kelly and Melinda Lapan
In today's COVID environment, businesses are implementing new ways to keep their workplace, employees, and customers safe. Understanding what is permissible, and how to implement these policies without infringing on employee rights is critical. This webinar, led by Vanessa Kelly and Melinda Lapan, who you may remember from our last session, will explore the following topics: 

  • The Do’s and Don’ts of health screening, testing or self-monitoring to safeguard the workplace
  • What to do if an employee or vendor tests positive for COVID-19
  • My employees are vacationing in restricted “Hot Spot” states, now what?
  • Emergency Sick Leave, FMLA and Expanded FMLA, and other benefits for employees under a mandatory isolation order, or who are sick or taking care of family member
  • Special considerations for construction sites and contractors
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Protect Your Brand, Your Company - Fraud in the NJ HVAC Industry Webinar

September 2, 3 pm
presented by Jes Vaughan
Attend this special webinar to learn how NJ ACCA member, Vaughan Comfort Services, discovered their company's name was hijacked and used in northern New Jersey.

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Postponed until final guidance on loan forgiveness is received.
Haefele Flanagan - Potential Opportunities - 5/14/2020 at 2 PM
  1. Business strategy on how to uncover new opportunities
  2. Business strategy on streamlining your business